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Sewage Treatment Plant - SBR Technology

Screen Chamber

This tank will remove floating materials, plastics, larger objects etc., which will otherwise clog the pumps.

Raw Sewage Collection Tank

The sewage will be collected in this tank. It will equalize the flow. Also, the anaerobic condition of tank will degrade organic matter substantially. From this tank it will be pumped to SBR Tank under controlled process.

Sequential Bio Reactor / Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) Tank

The Sequential Batch Reactor is an activated sludge process designed to operate under sequences (batches) for the various phases of biological treatment where aeration & sludge settlement both occur in same tank. The SBR system is a fill & draw type process where the treatment involves one phase by another in five discrete periods, i.e., Anoxic Fill, Reaction, Sedimentation, Decantation & Waste sludge/Idle. The controlled process flow from sewage collection tank is taken into inlet of this tank. The oxygen/mixing within the reactor is provided with the help of diffuser placed at the bottom of the reactor. SBR produces sludge with good settling properties, provided influent wastewater is admitted in controlled manner. The system can be offered with semi-automation Or fully under manual mode. The clear water is siphoned from this tank directly to Filter Feed Tank under gravity.

Semi-Treated Water Sump (Filter Feed)

The treated water from SBR will be collected into this tank. This treated water gets pumped into tertiary filters.

Filtration phase (PSF & ACF)

After Secondary treatment, the treated water will be given the tertiary treatment. The tertiary treatment consists of two phases.

Filtration Phase

The complete filtration operation comprises of two phases. Filtration and cleaning or regeneration (Commonly called as backwashing). The filtration phase in which particulate matters are removed and accomplished by passing the waste water to the filter through a filter bed composed of granular materials. Within the granular medium filter bed the removal of suspended solids has accomplished by a complex process involving one or more removal mechanism such as training, interception, impaction, sedimentation, flocculation and adsorption. The end of filter runs (filtration phase) is reached when the suspended solids in the treated water start to increase beyond an acceptable level or within a limiting head loss occurs across the filter bed. Once either of this condition is reached the filter must be cleaned (backwashed) to remove the material (suspended solids) that has accumulated within through the granular filter bed. Usually this is done by reversing the flow within through the filters. The sufficient flow of washed water is apply until the granular filtering media is fluidized (expanded). The material that has accumulated with a bed is then washed away.

Adsorption Phase

The pressure adsorption phase is a final polishing step in the removal of all organic matter. This is also required for removal of color, odour etc. from the treated water.

UV system

The treated water from above may consist of some pathogenic micro organisms to get the reusable water, it should be pathogen/germ free and should have been contacted with the oxidant/disinfectant chemical/UV radiation more enough to remove these species. Here the specific range of UV spectrum disinfects the semi treated water. This water is then collected into Semi treated water tank

Sludge Drying Beds (SDB):

Excess sludge from SBR is drained on to SDB which then gets dried & disposed suitably.