Health, Safety & Security

At Altido, safety is not only a part of our business; it is foundational to our culture. We understand that in order to protect our staff and stakeholders from injury, illness or other loss, safety and security must be valued as much as all of our other core values. Altido is committed to providing a safe, healthy and secure work environment for our employees, clients, subcontractors and visitors through our WorkSafe program. We achieve our WorkSafe goals through partnership with our leadership, managers, and staff. We collaborate to ensure that our overall commitment to safety is translated in a way that can easily be applied to our day-to-day working activities.

Altido’s WorkSafe program is based upon the following principles:

  • Occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility
  • Working safely is a condition of employment
  • Compliance with all applicable safety, health and environmental requirements is paramount

The integrity of our WorkSafe program is ensured through sensible hiring and employment practices including pre-employment background screening, medical monitoring, and comprehensive on-going safety training that begins on every employee’s first day with Altido.

Beyond these basic practices, we believe that establishing good communication concerning health, safety and security issues is critical to the success of our program. We have initiated continuous improvement in proactive hazard recognition, risk assessment and controls to prevent accidents, including an emphasis on reporting near misses, as well as broadly reporting and communicating incidents electronically so that employees at every level are quickly informed of current issues and lessons learned are shared. Our Corporate Safety Committee reinforces our culture of safety at the office level and is comprised of staff members who serve as the on-site safety point-of-contact at every office location. Altido’s internal health and safety website is a portal through which employees can easily find information on our most recent incidents, near misses, shared best practices, a repository of documents, a list of experts in different disciplines, a list of local site safety leaders, recent safety news, and much more. Through these many company-wide collaborations, we are continuously improving our WorkSafe program and investing in our commitment to working safely and securely, every day.

Altido’s unwavering safety goal is zero incidents, and as a result of our strong safety culture, everyone feels responsible for safety and pursues it on a daily basis. We go beyond the call of duty to identify unsafe conditions and behaviors, and we intervene to correct them. We never lose sight of our primary WorkSafe goal, ZERO INCIDENTS.